The international chef Congress

The chef congress FONTEGRO UKRAINE is a unique educational project for ambitious and successful chefs. Annually, it sets the direction for the Ukrainian gastronomy development.

This is a holiday of professionalism, knowledge, and creative inspiration for chefs, cooks, and restaurant managers, allowing them to gain knowledge by adopting foreign experience and to introduce it into their own culinary art.

As always, Fontegro helped all the participants to make new useful acquaintances, meet friends, and chat in informal surroundings.

The first day of the congress was opened by Ekaterina Avdeeva (the founder and supervisor of the FONTEGRO congress) who delivered a report “Innovation in traditions”. Ekaterina told in details about the history of gastronomy and the revival of the traditions in developed countries and successful chefs’ work and paid attention to the actual problems of the Ukrainian gastronomy development. The second day started with Anna Zelenokhat’s (the founder and supervisor of the FONTEGRO congress) presentation “A chef – creativity and craft”, during which all the participants were seeking for ways to develop their own creativity.

The gastronomic stage of the country hosted the best chefs of the world for the third time, and the geography of participants continues to expand: Ukraine, France, Turkey, Italy, Spain, USA, Netherlands, Russia, and Cuba.

13 chefs from around the world shared their experiences and explained their way to the innovation of traditions in their country. Each chef presented 3 or 4 dishes available on the actual menu of their restaurant and described culinary ways and methods they used at that time. In addition, each chef shared their experience in organizing the kitchen operation and in motivating the staff, as well as some peculiarities of gastronomic business in their country.

In the next premises “Expo Hall”, all the participants could get acquainted with the leading equipment and inventory suppliers, as well as with food manufacturers of both local and foreign origin. Moreover, the congress ended with a party for all the participants, where they could taste some dishes shown on the congress stage: ramen by Mihoko Obunai, hummus by Kemal Demirasal, tuna by German Espinosa, craft foods by Denis Komarenko, giblets ragout by Elena Zhabotynska, and pastrami and ribs by Jorge Seville.

FONTEGRO is an event for those who cherish the kitchen not just like a workplace. FONTEGRO unites people whose professional kitchen is their life!



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